The American Dream
We, as Americans, all have dreams. For, as Langston Hughes so greatly suggested, that without dream life lacks important meaning. The manner in which people treat and act toward their dream is a quality that is truly American. Dreams motivate Americans to work hard in order to accomplish all that they hope to attain. Americans follow the green winding light that leads to their dream, as represented by the green text. This path has some more positive experiences and some more negative experiences, but ultimately guides them to their "and one fine morning.." moment, where all that they had worked toward and endured in the process was worth it.

Growing in America

Racism in America
Racism and racial equality have been long and ever-changing themes and struggles in America. In years past, America has experienced the Harlem Renaisaance, a time of exceptional cultural expression by Black people in America, followed by segregation, prejudices, and more. This has led to the present day of ultimate hope for change with the election of a Black president, Barack Obama. While this gave people the sense that America had surpassed its roots of segregation and racial discrimination, it seems that these aspects of the American character were not entirely changed but rather only hidden or in an altered state as racism is still very prevalent particularly in the prison populations. As De Touqueville clearly put it the changes that need to be made are those to "destroy inequality." To do so, people have to be willing to leave their comfort zones and create a majority of people who are not afraid to make change. We, as Americans, have accomplished one of what De Touqueville believed to be a challenge for people of democracies, which is to begin the war of creating change and now it is time for the American people to complete the second challenge, which is to end the war and seek total change of racism in America.