The American Race

Racial Discrimination
“… for the first time I noticed that there were two lines of people at the ticket window, a “white” line and a “black” line. During my visit at Granny’s a sense of the two races had been born in me with a sharp concreteness that would never die until I died.” From Black Boy by Richard Wright
"As soon as it is admitted that the whites and the emancipated blacks are placed upon the same territory in the situation of two alien communities, it will readily be understood that there are but two alternatives for the future; the negroes and the whites must either wholly part or wholly mingle. I do not imagine that the white and black raves will ever live in any country upon an equal footing." Democracy In America (pg.432-433)
"Segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever!" George C. Wallace

"Ethical and cultural desegregation. It is a contradiction in terms to scream race pride and equality while at the same time spurning Negro teachers and self-association." Zora Neal Hurston

"In America, you can segregate the people, but the problems will travel. From slavery to equal rights, from state suppression of dissent to crime, drugs and unemployment, I can’t think of a supposedly Black issue that hasn’t wasted the original Black target group and then spread like measles to outlying white experience." June Jordan

Racial Discrimination Reflection

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