Beauty has always played a big role in our society, but today I believe the perfect image of beauty has gone way to far. The "American Beauty" seems to have only one image, that is the tall skinny girl. I believe this is absolutely wrong and you can never tell someone what beautiful looks like. People, especially women, are going to extreme lengths to have the perfect body, hair, or face. Many of these attempts are extremely harmful and it we are the only people we can blame. The media has had a huge impact on this as well, criticizing celebrities about every inch of their body. This is what many young girls see, therefore this is who they want to become.

Americans are also obsessed with status and money. Although it is good to strive for the best, people now-a-days will go to extreme lengths to get this, and to me this is not the right way. Everyone wants to be the best, have the most money, and best property. Many do not care how they treat others, they just want to be on top and prove they are better.