As teenagers living in the United States, we are witnessing the typical American actions during war. We try and become the policeman of the world. We are engulfed in a war against terror where people are skeptical just how long it will last. As trying to be the policeman of the world, our motives of trying to make the world safe is very bold, but the consequences of our actions are not. During the drone attacks, we have killed many civilians just because they look like a terrorist or they seem like they are affiliated with a terrorist group or has some obscure affiliation with someone that puts their life at risk. The reason I chose these images were to portray how America views war. I feel that with these images, it shows that America is "addicted to war" and that we are trying to make the world a safer place all by our self. This world is not America's, so we should not try and solve these problems all on our own.