What does it truly mean to be beautiful? Do we really need the stereotypical blue eyes and shiny blond hair to be beautiful? Americans have been masked by this impression that we do. We do not need to be skinny to look beautiful. We fall into the trap of trying emulate media stars and models when in fact we are doing nothing but damaging ourselves. The reason I picked the images I did, was to first show the stereotypical blue eyes and blond hair for women, and for men, the muscular body we all wanted when we are younger, and some of us even now. At the end of the wall, I have a youtube video of the little girl telling us that we are unique, so why try and become someone who we are not? This video also embodies the last few images defying the stereotypes of looking beautiful. My favorite quote on the page is "Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it” by Confucius because I believe it is correct. One person might think someone is beautiful, but another person might not. If we think we are beautiful, then we are beautiful, and nothing can change that.