RACISM In America

“My generation's apathy. I'm disgusted with it. I'm disgusted with my own apathy too, for being spineless and not always standing up against racism, sexism and all those other -isms the counterculture has been whinning about for years.” Kurt Kobain



“Let us all hope that the dark clouds of racial prejudice will soon pass away, and that in some not too distant tomorrow the radiant stars of love and brotherhood will shine over our great nation with all their scintillating beauty.” Martin Luther King


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" We had defended ourselves since memory against everything and everybody, considered all speech a code to be broken by us, and all gestures subject to careful analysis; we had become headstrong, devious, and arrogant. Nobody paid us any attention, so we paid very good attention to ourselves. Our limitations were not known to us—not then." Toni Morrison (The Bluest Eye)

Racism has a human heart....

Racism has a human heart,

An artery of cruelty & death,

It has blood of anger, & evil…,

Has a force of pain & antipathy.

Racism has a human mind….

An Intellect of terror & delusion,

Has an emotion of extreme savage

Imagination of vile ideas, macabre.

Racism has a human mouth,

It has tongue of torture, depravity,

Many teeth of brutal incision & kill

Has a lip of sorrow, hate & death.


"it aint about black or white cuz we human" -tupac


"The fight for peace is one for a stable and racially integrated world"

Tom Hayden, The Port Huron Statement

If a white man falls off a chair drunk, it's just a drunk. If a Negro does, it's the whole damn Negro race. ~Bill Cosby

I was the only white kid in my neighborhood for most of my youth even in high school, so reverse racism was just as apparent as racism- Shia Labeouf



http://www.adl.org/hate-patrol/racism.asp - learn more about racism

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